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Following the Money

Are Our Forests For Sale?

With the Bush administration in power, our national forests are in danger of being destroyed, despite Americans' strong desire for their protection. While it is common knowledge that the Bush administration is friendly to corporate interests, the extent of the ties between industry and key decision-makers on national forest policy is not widely understood.

The industries that are fighting against the roadless rule have waged an aggressive campaign to court politicians through campaign cash. A look at how these industries have spent money demonstrates that an overwhelming amount of money has gone to the GOP, a cash infusion that has paid off with the Bush administration.

"Unlike his father, who reached into academia and even the environmental community for some of his appointments, Mr. Bush seems determined to return to the Reagan era, when ideologues like James Watt ran the Interior Department and most of the important regulatory jobs were filled with representatives of the businesses being regulated."
The New York Times,
August 19, 2001

Total GOP $$$ From Anti-Roadless Forces = $24,927,738!

Forestry Oil & Gas Mining Totals
Bush Campaign $647,750 $3,381,731 $437,196 $4,466,677
RNC $2,478,305 $9,720,770 $2,264,210 $14,463,285
NRSC $352,545 $2,149,414 $509,968 $3,011,927
NRCC $391,444 $2,229,743 $220,832 $2,842,019
RGA N/A $142,755 $1,075 $143,830
Totals $3,870,044 $17,624,413 $3,433,281 $24,927,738

Total DEM $$$ From Anti-Roadless Forces = $4,867,190

Forestry Oil & Gas Mining Totals
Gore Campaign $23,250 $139,660 $23,200 $186,110
DNC $445,650 $1,965,026 $66,250 $2,476,926
DSCC $102,000 $740,025 $62,050 $904,575
DCCC $124,250 $1,158,329 $17,000 $1,299,579
Totals $695,150 $2,844,711 $168,500 $4,867,190

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