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Bush Administration Officials

Attorney General John Ashcroft
Charged with defending the roadless rule in court, Attorney General John Ashcroft owns stock in the nation's third largest gold mining company and received $2 million in campaign contributions from extraction-related industries in his Senate race. Click here to learn more.

Assistant Attorney General for Environment and Natural Resources Thomas Sansonetti
The Justice Department's top official on environmental matters, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Sansonetti was a lobbyist for the coal and mining industries before coming to the Bush administration. He testified before Congress in favor of opening more public land to mining. Click here to learn more.

Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton
Secretary Gale Norton, who has influence over all public lands policy, got her start working for a group funded by oil, mining and timber interests. She was a co-founder of a group that was backed by the American Forest & Paper Association. She was part of an organization that advocates selling off the national parks. And she worked for a company that was involved with legal battles surrounding the safety of its mining operations. Click here to learn more.

Deputy Secretary of the Interior Stephen Griles
Stephen Griles was called an "ally of the industry" by the National Mining Association. He worked as a lobbyist for Shell Oil, coal companies, and the National Mining Association. Click here to learn more.

Undersecretary of Agriculture for Environment and Natural Resources Mark Rey
Mary Rey was a former top timber lobbyist for such groups as the American Forest & Paper Association, the American Forest Resource Alliance, and the National Forest Products Association. While working as a Senate aide, he was a driving force behind pro-timber industry legislation. Click here to learn more.

Director, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget John Graham
The White House official responsible for regulatory policy, John Graham formerly served as director of the Harvard Risk Analysis Center, which was funded by such groups as Boise Cascade, Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, Exxon, and Texaco. Click here to learn more.

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