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New Mexico Requests Full Protection for Roadless National Forests

New Mexico: Valle Vidal

New Mexico: Valle Vidal

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has filed a petition for complete protection of 1.7 million acres of roadless national forests in New Mexico, making him the first western governor to petition the Bush administration for roadless area protection under a new rule established last year.

Included in the petition is a 100,000 acre area known as Valle Vidal in the Carson National Forest. The Valle Vidal, now at risk to oil and gas development, is prime habitat for elk and trout, which brings hunters, fisherman and tourists from all around the region to this place of rare beauty. The Valle Vidal was added to the National Forest System after the original roadless inventories were conducted and, to this day, lacks permanent protection.

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New Mexico: Valle Vidal

New Mexico: Valle Vidal

New Mexico Game And Fish Report

New Mexico Poll Summary

  • New Mexico voters show strong support for the Governor's actions: a just-released poll shows 71% of voters statewide say they support roadless area protection in the state.

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