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Heritage Forests Campaign News Release

March 8, 2002


BUSH WATCH - 300 Days and Still No Sign of a Rule
FOREST SERVICE - Says Forest Roads Don't Need Pollution Permits
BUSH - Road Warriors
NORTON - Public Lands Open for Business

BUSH WATCH - 300 Days and Still No Sign of a Rule

300 days have passed since Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman promised to uphold the roadless rule with minor changes, but there is still no sign that Bush administration will keep its word and announce its proposed revisions.

FOREST SERVICE - Says Forest Roads Don't Need Pollution Permits

"The Forest Service is considering a policy to make clear that many roads built in national forests do not need pollution permits sometimes required under the Clean Water Act, according to a draft internal memo. The permits are needed for any confined pollution sources that can compromise water quality, such as pipes or man-made ditches."
Katherine Pfleger, Associated Press, March 5, 2002

BUSH - Road Warriors

"The Bush administration has proposed making it easier for Western states and local governments to claim road rights of way across federal land, potentially opening millions of pristine acres to development. The proposed rule could result in large areas of the West being ineligible for congressional designation as wilderness areas where hiking, horseback riding and other forms of recreation are permitted but oil and gas drilling, logging, off-road vehicles and other activities are prohibited."
Tom Kenworthy, USA Today, March 6, 2002

NORTON - Public Lands Open For Business

"Interior Secretary Gale Norton has been moving briskly to open up more public lands for domestic oil and gas production, just as Vice President Dick Cheney's task force instructed her to do in last year's 'national energy strategy.' Last weekend, however, Ms. Norton was told that she, or at least her underlings, had been proceeding in an irresponsible manner."
Editorial, The New York Times, March 7, 2002

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The Heritage Forests Campaign is an alliance of conservationists, wildlife advocates, clergy, educators, scientists, and other Americans working together to uphold protection of our National Forests. Heritage Forests Campaign's partners include Alaska Rainforest Coalition, American Hiking Society, Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, National Environmental Trust, National Audubon Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, US PIRG, and The Wilderness Society.

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