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Heritage Forests Campaign News Release

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dave Bard
Phone: 202.486.4426

Statement of Robert C. Vandermark, Director, Heritage Forests Campaign

On the Bush administration's recommendations for roadless areas in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina

"Today marks the next phase of a long and complicated process. Protection requested on paper doesn’t necessarily translate into protection on the ground.

"The fate of these roadless areas remains uncertain. We certainly hope the administration will grant these petitions in good faith, but the current pattern of approving incursion projects in roadless areas, despite assurances to the contrary, is cause for great concern. It's disingenuous for this administration to publicly applaud the efforts being made in the petition process while pushing for harmful logging projects in roadless areas from New Hampshire to Oregon.

"By submitting petitions to the Forest Service, the governors of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and, most recently, New Mexico have demonstrated their strong commitment to preserving roadless areas in their states and across the country. We applaud these governors for their steadfast leadership and for listening to the American people, who want to protect these natural treasures. These states have just cleared one of many hurdles set up by the Bush administration."

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