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Heritage Forests Campaign News Release

June 17, 2004

Statement of Robert Vandermark, Co-director of the Heritage Forests Campaign

On House Action to Protect the Tongass Rainforest

Washington, DC (June 17, 2004) -- We hope the Bush Administration gets the message from yesterday’s bipartisan vote to bar the federal government from further subsidizing commercial logging roads in Southeast Alaska's Tongass National Forest. The House passed plan which drew support from 48 Republicans is a win-win for taxpayers and the environment and a rebuke of the Administration’s pattern of serving the interests of the timber industry. If the amendment becomes law, taxpayers would win by saving millions spent to subsidize the building of roads in Alaska’s Tongass rainforest for the sole purpose of extracting trees. Future generations will also benefit by being able to enjoy some of the most precious wild forests the nation has left. We applaud Reps. Steve Chabot (R-OH) and Robert Andrews (D-NJ), who championed the effort on the House floor and made yesterday’s victory possible.

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Tony Iallonardo, NET
202-887-8855 (ph)

The Heritage Forests Campaign is an alliance of conservationists, wildlife advocates, clergy, educators, scientists, and other Americans who are working together to uphold protection of our National Forests. To learn more, visit: ourforests.org

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