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Heritage Forests Campaign Week In Review

August 2, 2001

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ENERGY: Provision Would Shift Forest Drilling Decisions To White House Nominee

An obscure provision of the House energy bill will "strip Forest Service supervisors of their authority to restrict oil and gas leasing, making it more likely that drilling will occur in such sites as the Bridger-Teton and Lewis and Clark forests." (Elizabeth Shogren, Los Angeles Times,, August 2, 2001)

"Heightening the concerns of environmentalists, these decisions would be handled in Washington by Mark Rey, President Bush¹s nominee for undersecretary of Agriculture and a former top lobbyist for the timber industry. Representatives of oil companies as well as environmental groups agree that Rey would be less likely than forest supervisors to ban drilling." (Elizabeth Shogren, Los Angeles Times, August 2, 2001)

FOREST SERVICE: Bosworth Directive "To Chip Away" At Forest Protections

Following up on a letter released on June 7, Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth is preparing a directive that shifts roadless area protection under the forest planning process.

The interim directive would temporarily grant Bosworth the authority over logging and road-building, but is only effective until local forest plans are complete.

"Environmentalists view the draft as a way to chip away at the 'roadless rule' and reopen national forests to logging." (Katherine Pfleger, Associated Press, July 1, 2001)

For copies of the recent directive or the June 7 letter, please call Le Evans.

BUSH POLL: No Trust On Environment / Energy

In yet another public opinion poll, the public continues to distrust President Bush on environment and energy issues:

  • Only 37 percent of Americans trust Bush to handle environmental issues.
  • 67 percent think that large corporations wield too much power in the Bush administration.
  • 67 percent think that average Americans have too little influence over Bush decisions.
  • Only 45 percent think that Bush understands the problems of average Americans.

  • (Washington Post/ABCNews Poll, August 2, 2001)

    NORTON: Does She Make The Grade?

    In a recent press release, Interior Secretary Gale Norton bragged about a successful start to her term. "Norton credited her '4-Cs policy: 'communication, consultation, and cooperation, all in the service of conservation.'" (Bill McAllister, Denver Post, August 1, 2001)

    "Environmental groups, some of which had campaigned against Norton¹s nomination seized on Norton¹s claims and disputed her successes. 'I would suggest another 4-Cs: controversy, contradiction, and capitulation, all in the service of corporations,' said Jane Danowitz, Director of the Heritage Forests Campaign. 'The bottom line is, her 4-Cs equal one big F.'" (Bill McAllister, Denver Post, August 1, 2001)


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