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The Heritage Forests Campaign is an alliance of conservationists, wildlife advocates, clergy, educators, scientists, and other Americans working together to uphold protection of our National Forests. Heritage Forests Campaign's partners include Alaska Rainforest Coalition, American Hiking Society, Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, National Environmental Trust, National Audubon Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, US PIRG, and The Wilderness Society. 

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Heritage Forests Campaign Week In Review
March 1, 2002

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BUSH WATCH - 293 Days and Still No Sign of a Rule

293 days have passed since Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman promised to uphold the roadless rule with minor changes, but there is still no sign that Bush administration will keep its word and announce its proposed revisions.

ON THE HILL - Reid Fires Back After Bush Breaks Promise

"President Bush has broken his promise," said an angry Reid shortly after the White House decision. "All Americans should be concerned, not just because he lied to me or the people of Nevada and indeed all Americans, but because the president's decision threatens American lives."
Jake Tapper,, March 1, 2002

BUSH'S PUBLIC LANDS - Putting Oil Buddies Back to Work

"President Bush, who won the White House while promising to put the nation's public lands 'back to work,' is aggressively encouraging more drilling, mining, and logging on much of the 700 million acres controlled by the Interior Department and the Forest Service.

"Yet the Bush administration has opened the door to so much new development of public lands that the 'greens' can barely keep track of the proposed projects.

"The Bush administration's budget contains an obscure section that advocates removing sections of national forest land from the national forest system to form new charter forests that would be managed by private entities."
Margaret Kriz, National Journal, February 23, 2002

IN THE STATES -- 10 Most Endangered Places in California

"Many of California's last unprotected wilderness areas are in danger from urban sprawl, desert development, logging and energy exploration, and the easing of federal environmental standards, an environmental group said in a report released Wednesday."
Don Thompson, Associated Press, February 27, 2002

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EDITORIAL ROUNDUP - Reading His Lips and Emulating T.R..

Read My Lips - Paying Lip Service to Conservation
"President Bush has surely seen the poll numbers. He knows that most Americans favor conservation as a means to improving energy security, while opposing exploitation of areas set aside for protection as wildlife refuges, national parks and national forests... Unfortunately, the president's rhetorical emphasis on conservation is not reflected in the actual policies that he advocates."
Editorial, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 27, 2002

"But they know that most Americans feel very differently than they do, so they keep saying one thing, while quietly trying to do another. Now, if we could only make a car that ran on hypocrisy..."
Editorial, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 27, 2002

Bush v. T.R...
"Recently, Bush said he had read Edmund Morris's biography of Theodore Roosevelt and looked to that president as a role model. Roosevelt was a stalwart environmentalist, the force behind much forest land where the Bush administration wants to let timber companies create their 'temporary meadows.' If Bush really wants to emulate his GOP predecessor in the White House, he could start by telling Ashcroft to defend the roadless rule, as he promised."
Editorial, The Boston Globe, February 18, 2002

ISSUE IN FOCUS - Tipping the Balance on Habitat Protection

"They [conservationists] say habitat protections, recovery programs and funding are being neglected or scaled back - allegations the Bush administration denies.

"Balancing the protection of plants and animals with the needs and rights of businesses and homeowners has been a tricky endeavor since the Endangered Species Act took effect in 1973.

"Now some environmentalists believe private interests, backed by conservative lawmakers and a Republican administration, are starting to tip the balance."
Katherine Pfleger, Associated Press, February 22, 2002


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