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1999 Campaign
DotCom Examples
A Selection of Media Coverage

December 6, 1999: Golden Dot Award Winner, Politics Online Conference

July 12, 1999: Advocates hope online sites will boost activism, Reno Gazette-Journal

July 8, 1999: A Gore Campaign Takes Root, Washington Post

July 4, 1999: American Heritage Forests is a Cause Worth Supporting, Evansville Courier

June 20, 1999: Web site allows people to influence government to preserve old forests, EarthTimes

April 27, 1999: Hotsite: Heritage Forests Campaign Combines Online and On-the-Ground Strategies, Politics Online

April 22, 1999: Hot Sites: Protecting Forests, USA Today

April 21, 1999: Earth Day Paper-Free Lobbying Champions Roadless Forests, Environmental News Service

emediacy is a program of the Technology project dedicated to developing and implementing strategic, innovative, internet-based projects that expand the current uses of communication and information technology in advocacy campaigns. In the first year of the program, emediacy successfully solicited over 190,000 email comments pressuring the Clinton Administration to protect roadless and wild areas in the U.S. National Forest system on behalf of the Heritage Forests Campaign. The Heritage Forests Campaign is an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Additional funding for this project was provided by the Turner Foundation and the W. Alton Jones Foundation. For more information, contact Sarah DiJulio, [email protected].