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Protecting America's National Forests, a report by the Heritage Forests Campaign

‘National Trails Day’ Maps Show U.S.’s Best Trails at Risk

June 5th marks National Trails Day, a day set aside to celebrate the nation’s great outdoors and a day that draws outdoor enthusiasts to settings in some of the nation’s most precious wild national forests. Unfortunately, parts of the nation’s best trails could vanish forever. The Bush Administration, along with the encouragement of its allies in the timber industry, are poised to weaken current federal protections and open portions of national forests known as "roadless areas" to logging, mining and drilling.

Maps released by the Heritage Forests Campaign document the great trails that would be threatened by regulatory changes; among them the Appalachian Trail, the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Pony Express Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the California Trail and many others.

San Juan National Forest

Colorado Map

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New Hampshire
White Mountain National Forest

NH Map

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Willamette National Forest

Oregon Map

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National Forest System

Washington Map

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About the maps:

  • All data is from the U.S. Forest Service (trail info, roadless info)
  • Maps by Pacific Biodiversity Institute www.pacificbio.org

Long distance trail data:

  • Trail info from US Park Service
  • Roadless Info from US Forest Service
  • Compiled by Erik Fernandez, Oregon Natural Resources Council www.onrc.org

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