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Now you can be a Virtual Volunteer and help save our last wild forests in just 5 minutes a month. You can have an impact without ever leaving the comfort of your computer.

Some of the ways you can help include:

More Questions About Virtual Volunteering?
If you have more questions, send an email to [email protected].


Heritage Forests E-Network
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Heritage Forests E-Network?
The Heritage Forests Network is a like an old-fashioned phone tree, except it's on the internet. You, along with hundreds of other organizations, will activate everyone you know who has an email address, creating a groundswell of public pressure on the White House. Even with the internet, it would simply be impossible for the Campaign to contact every person in America who is interested in protecting our forests. Only with your help will we be able to build a broad network capable of reaching tens of thousands of Americans at a moment's notice.

How does it work? Forward a Message.
When critical decisions about the future of our Heritage Forests are being made, and public input is needed, we will send you urgent Heritage Forest Alerts, which you will then send on to your email network. These alerts will be short and to the point, and let people know what action is immediately needed to help protect our Heritage Forests.

Who can join the Heritage Forests E-Network?
The only requirement for joining the E-Network is that you have at least a few other friends in your email address book that you can send our alerts to. Clearly, if you have an email list of 10,000 avid backpackers that you know would be interested in protecting our forests, that would be the greatest! But even if you don't participate in newsgroups and you don't run a big email list, you can still participate just by forwarding our alerts out to your friends and family.

Who should I send Heritage Forest Alerts to?
You can send Heritage Forest Alerts to everyone ranging from your organization's employees, volunteers and members, to the online newsgroups, listservs and discussion groups that you manage or participate in.

Feel free to send the Alerts to anyone else you know who might be interested in our Heritage Forests. Don't forget about your parents, friends from college, fishing buddies, co-workers or your river rafting discussion group.

Which Newsgroups should I post Heritage Forest Alerts in?
You can serve as the Heritage Forests Campaign's Virtual Spokesperson in on-line discussion forums like listservs and newsgroups. People who enjoy hiking and camping in our National Forests also want to help protect them, and politically active people will appreciate the opportunity to take such a simple action.

These discussion forums are an especially valuable place to engage people about the Heritage Forests Campaign because you can reach people that might not hear about the campaign from any other source.

We do ask that you only post the message to relevant lists and newsgroups; spam only hurts our cause.

How much email will I receive from the Heritage Forest E-Network?
You should not expect to receive more than two pieces of email per month, on average. The Heritage Forest Alerts will be the most important email we will send you. They will always begin with the title: HERITAGE FOREST ALERT. An email with this title should be forwarded to your on-line network. There may be times where you receive no alerts for several months, and as the campaign enters a critical junction, you may receive 3 in one month.

In addition, we will send you a monthly update, just to keep you informed about the most recent developments in the Heritage Forests Campaign. This monthly update does not need to be forwarded to your network, though if you want to keep spreading the word we can use all the help we can get!.

Can I modify the Heritage Forest Alerts for my organization?
Yes. In fact, please do. If you have the time, one of the most helpful things you can do is to personalize the Forest Alert. Put it in your organization's voice, tailor it to your activist base, write about your local national forest. People will be much more likely to respond that a message that is coming from you, not simply a message you've forwarded on. In addition, you can build recognition for your organization and your local forests.

The only thing that we ask you not to change is the two action items we will always request: "Send a message to the White House at ourforests.org", and "Tell your friends to do the same."

What else can I do?

1. Link to Protect Our Heritage Forests

If you maintain a Web Site, please establish a link to ourforests.org. Paste one of the images below into your web site and establish a link to https://ourforests.org.

If your organization works on forest issues, fill out the "Web Site" section on the registration form, and we will establish a reciprocal link from ourforests.org to your Web Site.

2. Change your signature file:

Until the Administration adopts a roadless policy to protect our Heritage Forests, we ask that you change your default signature file (the one that "advertises" you at the end of all your email messages) to add:

Help Protect Our Heritage Forests at https://ourforests.org

Changing your default signature is one of the most critical ways you can help protect our Heritage Forests. This tiny footnote added to your regular emails will take advantage of the networking effect that results in you reaching a chain of people that you may never contact directly. Please also encourage your friends to change their default signatures as well.

Questions About Virtual Volunteering?
If you have more questions send an email to [email protected].

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