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Heritage Forests Campaign - Sample Comment Letter

Dear Forest Service Chief Bosworth,

Please accept this letter as official public comment for the roadless area management state petition proposal [Docket Number: 04-16191].

I strongly oppose this proposal to repeal the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. The Roadless Rule is a balanced policy that was finalized after years of scientific study, 600 public hearings and a record number of public comments, the majority of which overwhelmingly support protecting roadless areas through the rule.

The Roadless Rule is a vital tool for protecting our national forests from harmful and costly road-building and commercial logging. Our national forests need real protections because of the important role they play in providing fish and wildlife habitat, clean drinking water for millions of Americans, and endless recreational opportunities.


I urge you to abandon this misguided proposal and keep the Roadless Area Conservation Rule intact in the Lower 48 states and Alaska’s Chugach National Forest and reinstate the rule in the Tongass National Forest.

Thank you for consideration of my comments on this crucial national forest conservation issue.


Please note the docket number for any correspondence with the Forest Service.
To learn more, visit: ourforests.org or e-mail [email protected]

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