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" About the Roadless Rule

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" Environmental Benefits

" Recreational Benefits

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Our Roadless Areas

About the Roadless Rule

The 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule was a balanced policy that protected nearly 60 million acres of our nationís last wild forests. The rule was developed following years of scientific evidence, hundreds of public meetings across the country and 1.6 million public comments. To date the Forest Service has received more than four million comments on the rule - 95% in favor. Find out more.


Logging the last of our wild national forests is not just a misuse of our natural resources, it is also economically irresponsible. Reports over the past decade show that the U.S. Forest Service cannot maintain the roads already built and that the agency's timber programs lose millions in taxpayer dollars every year. Find out more.

Environmental Benefits

Roadless forests provide a wealth of environmental benefits as well. These areas not only safeguard drinking water for millions of Americans, they are also the habitat for a variety of endangered species. Find out more.

Recreational Benefits

Our national forests draw ever-increasing numbers of visitors because they provide recreation seekers a diversity of landscapes in which to pursue their outdoor passions. These vast natural treasures offer challenge, fun and relaxation in the form of hiking, kayaking, fishing, and countless other activities. In addition, roadless areas support and sustain a wide range of outdoor businesses. Find out more.

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