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Other Forest News

  • U.S. Forest Service Moving Forward on Idaho's Roadless Petition. Read HFC's statement.

  • Bush Administration's Appeal of the Roadless Case. Read HFC's statement.

  • Colorado Submits Roadless Area Petition. Read HFC's statement.

  • Idaho Governor's Petition Leaves State's Roadless Areas at Risk. Read HFC's press release and our resources page

  • Washington Governor Christine Gregoire Calls for Public Input to Protect Roadless Areas in National Forests. Read Governor Gregoire's press release.

  • California Requests Full Protection For Its Roadless National Forests. Read HFC's press release

  • Oregon Begins Process to Protect Roadless Areas. Read Governor Kulongoski's press release or HFC's statement.

  • Governor Takes a Stand to Protect California's Roadless Areas. Read HFC's press release.

  • New Mexico Requests Full Protection for Roadless National Forests. Find out more.

  • New Report Broken Ground: How the Bush Administration Has Broken its Pledge for Interim Protection of America's Last Wild Forests

  • Roadless Area Conservation National Advisory Committee Meets. Find out more.

  • Businesses show support for roadless protections. Find out more.

  • South Carolina Governor Files Petitionto Protect State's Roadless Areas. Find out more.

  • Over 250,000 Americans Ask Forest Service to Reinstate Forest Protections. Find out more

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