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who we are: open letter

The Heritage Forests Campaign is an alliance of conservationists, educators, scientists, clergy and ordinary Americans who are working together to ensure our unprotected scenic wilderness forests are permanently protected.

Our goal is to generate a broad public education campaign and empower citizens to convey to decision makers their interest in protecting America's Heritage Forests.

Initiated with the Clinton Administration's announcement to temporarily suspend road building on some National Forest lands, the Heritage Forests Campaign submitted the following open letter to Vice President Gore. You can view the signers of the letter grouped by:

America's Heritage Forests are at risk. America's Heritage Forests comprise just one-third of all the land managed by the U.S. Forest Service and are not permanently protected from logging, road building, and mining. These scenic, unprotected wilderness areas provide unmatched opportunities for camping, hiking and other recreational pursuits, valuable habitat for fish and wildlife, and abundant supplies of clean drinking water.

The Clinton Administration must implement a policy to permanently protect America's Heritage Forests, consisting of all remaining roadless areas 1,000 acres and larger (or smaller where ecologically significant), from logging, road construction, mining and other damaging activities. We have a responsibility to future generations. We must permanently protect our scenic Heritage Forests as parks and wilderness.

Once they're gone, they're gone forever.

November 18, 1998

Dear Vice President Gore:

On January 22, 1998, the Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck announced an interim policy placing an eighteen-month moratorium on the construction of new roads in some roadless areas on national forest lands. This interim policy is the first phase in Administration plans for a comprehensive transportation policy for forestlands that will be developed over the course of the next 18 months. As a centerpiece of this effort, the Forest Service should adopt a policy that accords permanent protection to America's Heritage Forests, roadless areas 1,000 acres and larger (or smaller where ecologically significant), from logging, road construction, mining and other damaging activities.

America's Heritage Forests serve a variety of important public values. They are sources of our cleanest drinking water and some of our most important fish and wildlife habitat. They are a haven for the human spirit and a wellspring of future wilderness areas. By fostering permanent stewardship of our natural heritage, America's last untouched scenic wilderness will continue to provide spiritual, biological, economic, and recreational benefits.

Last fall, in his statement accompanying the 1998 Interior Appropriations Act, President Clinton said,

"(t)he Forest Service is developing a scientifically based policy for managing roadless areas in our national forests. These last remaining wild areas are precious to millions of Americans and key to protecting clean water and abundant wildlife habitat, and providing recreation opportunities. These unspoiled places must be managed through science, not politics."

On December 10, 1997, 169 scientists wrote a letter to President Clinton saying,

"(I)n our view, a scientifically-based policy should, at a minimum, protect from development all roadless areas larger than 1,000 acres and those smaller areas that have ecological significance because of their contributions to regional landscapes."

Despite this, on January 22, Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck announced an interim policy that explicitly exempts vast tracts of America's Heritage Forests located in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and elsewhere. Additionally, it does not protect smaller, ecologically significant roadless areas. The interim policy allows logging to continue in roadless areas through helicopter timber sales and ground-based logging techniques that do not require roads, and does not protect roadless areas from oil and gas development activities, or motorized activity.

Although President Clinton announced a sweeping roadless area protection initiative, Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck appears headed down a path that will provide no permanent protection for our Heritage Forests, despite overwhelming public opinion plus Chief Dombeck's own observations to the contrary.

The American public understands the importance of protecting our Heritage Forests. A recent nationwide voter opinion survey conducted by Lake, Snell, and Perry and commissioned by the Wilderness Society found that 65 percent of voters support a proposal to "stop all timber cutting in roadless wild forest areas." In the survey, 68% of Democrats, 60% of Independents and 64% of Republicans supported a halt to logging in these areas. Similarly, 69% of respondents in the Northeast, 61% in the Midwest, 64% in the South and 66% in the West supported a logging moratorium in scenic, unprotected wilderness.

Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck recognizes the importance of our Heritage Forests. In a July 1 letter to all Forest Service employees on Conservation Leadership, Chief Dombeck said,

"(v)alues such as wilderness and roadless areas, clean water, protection of rare species, old growth forests, naturalness-these are the reasons most Americans cherish their public lands... (T)wenty percent of the National Forest System is wilderness, and in the minds of many, more should be. Our wilderness portfolio must embody a broader array of lands-from prairie to old growth. As world leaders in wilderness management, we should be looking to the future to better manage existing, and identify new wilderness and other wild lands."

Before you, Vice President Gore, lies an unprecedented opportunity to leave a legacy of Heritage Forests for future generations. We urge you to adopt a final policy at the termination of the 18-month moratorium that forever protects America's Heritage Forests, roadless areas 1000 acres and larger on all national forests (or smaller where ecologically significant), from logging, road building, off-road vehicles, mining and other damaging activities. With the dawning of the new millennium, this is the least we can do for future generations.


Heritage Forests Campaign, Ken Rait, Director
American Lands Alliance, Jim Jontz, Executive Director
Defenders of Wildlife, Mary A. Munson
National Audubon Society, Dan Beard, Vice President
National Environmental Trust, Phil Clapp, President
Natural Resources Defense Council, Niel Lawrence, Senior Attorney
Sierra Club, Melanie Griffin
The Wilderness Society, Michael Francis
U.S. PIRG, Gene Karpinski, Executive Director
World Wildlife Fund, Dominick Dellasala, Director of Forest Conservation Programs


Action for Long Island, Caroline S. DuBois, Director
Affinity, Ohio's Environmental Newspaper, Stephanie Mugridge
Alabama Environmental Council, Gwendolyn Griffin
Alaska Center for the Environment, Cliff Eames, Issues Director
Alternatives In Action, Ginger Dollar
American Birding Association, Paul Green, Acting Executive Director
American Birding Association, Alan R. Keith, President
American Ornithologists' Union, Brina Kessel, Past-President
Amigos Bravos, Brian Shields, Executive Director
Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Journal, Craig Hassapakis, Editor & Publisher
Anacostia Watershed Society, Robert Boone, Chair
Ancient Forest Rescue, Berkeley Brown
Animal Defense League of Arizona, Lisa Markkula, Executive Director
Appalachian Voices, Harvard Ayers, President
Arizona League of Conservation Voters, Bob Beatson, Director
Armuchee Alliance, Angela Martin
Aspen Wilderness Workshop, Sloan Shoemaker
Aububon Society - Maricopa Chapter, Robert Witzeman M.D, Conservation Chair
Audubon Council of New Mexico, Thomas Jervis, Ph.D., President
Arizona Green Party, Carolyn Campbell
Bankhead Trail Trust, Carmen Blalock, Secretary/Treasurer
Barbara Sherf Communications Inc., Barbara Sherf, President
Bay Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, Barak Gale, Chair
Big Bluestem Audubon Society, Sherry Dragula
Bighorn Audubon Society, Carol Hett, President
Bighorn Forest Users Coalition, Liz Howell, President
Biodiversity Associates & Friends of the Bow, Jeff Kessler
Biodiversity Legal Foundation, Jacob Smith
Bloomington Rainforest Action Group, Leslie Ann Hulvershorn
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Lou Zeller
Blue Ridge Group Of the Sierra Club, Jim Troy, Chair
Broadened Horizons RiverKeepers, Cielo Sand
Buckeye Forest Council, Jason Tockman
Buffalo Animal Rights Coalition, Geoffrey Greenman, President
Cadillac Mountain Sports, Jen Deauperas
California Forest Advocates, Mark L. Williams
California Native Plant Society, Lori Hubbart, President
California PIRG, Andy Igrejas, Legislative Director
California Trout, Inc, R. Brett Matzke, Public Lands Coordinator
California Wilderness Coalition, Paul Spitler, Executive Director
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - BC Chapter, Karin Albert
Candlewood Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Steve Grover, President
Center for Economic Options, Fred Hayes, Director
Center for Environmental Citizenship, Susan Comfort, Executive Director
Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation, Craig Thomas
Central Cascades Alliance, Jay Letto, President
Central Earth Corps, Laura Czarniecki, Co-Director
Central Oregon Forest Issues Committee, Steve Huddleston, Director
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center, John Buckley, Executive Director
Central Vermont Audubon Society, Joe Bahr
Chattooga River Watershed Coalition, Buzz Williams
Cherokee Forest Voices, Arthur Smith, President
Chiapas Caucas, Leith Kahl
Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination, Harold Stokes
Citizens for Buckeye Basin Parks, inc., Rick VanLandingham
Citizens League for Environmental Action & Recovery, Donald P. Gagnon, Chairman
Citizens' Campaign for the Environment, Chris Walbrecht, Executive Director
Citizens' Committee to Save Our Canyons, Gale Dick, President
Clean Air Council, Nathan Patmor, Field Organizer
Clearwater Biodiversity Project, Chuck Pezeshki, Director
Clinch Coalition, Detta Davis, President
Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes, Michael J. Keegan
Coalition for Jobs and the Environment, Eileen McIlvane, Director
Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life, Mark X. Jacobs, Director
Coast Range Association, Chuck Willer
Coe Greens, Jodi Jackson, Jodi Jackson President
Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers, Darrell Geist, President
Colorado Environmental Coalition, Pete Kolbenschlag, West Slope Field Coordinator
Colorado Environmental Coalition, Susan Tixier, Executive Director
Colorado Mountain Club, Heide Andersen, Public Lands Policy Director
Colorado Northwest Resource Advisory Council, Toni Hutcheson Moore
Colorado State PIRG, Rich McClintock, Director
Colorado Wild, Jeff Berman, President
Commission on Religion in Appalachia, Tim Wilemsba, President
Committee for Idaho's High Desert, Pam Marcum, Chairperson
Committee of Wilderness Supporters, Robert Tafanelli, President
Community Bike Ride, Sean Burlew
Concerned Citizens' Coalition, Vivan Stockman, Executive Director
Concerned Friends of Ferry County, Dave Robinson, Spokesperson
Connecticut PIRG, Laura Cordes, Organizing Director
Conservation Action Project, David Carle, Executive Director
Corridor H Alternatives, Bonni McKeown, President
Corvallis Area Forest Issues Group, Claudia McCue
Deerlodge Forest Defense Fund, Paul Richards, DF Steering Committee
Deleware Riverkeeper Network, Maya Van Rossum
Des Moines Area Greens, Greg Nepstad
Des Moines Founders Garden Club, Muffy Harmon, President
Desert Flycasters, Gary Walsh
Dogwood Alliance, Danna Smith
Downstream Alliance, Dave Houserr, President
Earth Action Network, Mha Atma S Khalsa, Director
Earth Care Organization, Marty Hock, Marty Hock President
Earth Protector, Leslie Davis, President
EarthCulture, Rick Spencer
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, Buck Parker, President
Earthlink, Timothy Wilson
Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, Jim Parker, President
Eastside Conservation Ontology, Tonia Wolf, Director
Ecology Now!, University of Nebraska, Aaron Ross
EcoMagic, Robin Bayer, President
Eco-Systems Design, Ken Kailing, Principal
EcoTours of Oregon, Jeff Davies, President
ENACT, Brianne Haven
Environmental Action Coalition, Bridget Doyle, President
Environmental Action Committee, Matt Polis
Environmental Advocates, Val Washington, Executive Director
Environmental and Cultural Conservation Organization, William Sky Crosby, Executive Director
Environmental Club at Moses Brown, Tom Hale
Environmental Studies Club, University of Minnesota, Garrett Dawn, Head
Eugene Natural History Society, Bayard & Evelyn McConnaughey
FarmCity Alliance, Annalee P. Cobbett, Attorney at Law Chair
Federal Land Action Group of New Hampshire, John Friede, Executive Director
Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs, Brock Evans, President
Flagstaff Activist Network, Andy Bessler
Florida Consumer Action Network, Steve Murchie
Florida PIRG, Mark Ferrul, Campaign Director
Forest Action, Bill Busse, Executive Director
Forest Ecology Network, Jonathan Carter, Director
Forest Issues Group, Don Jacobson, Coordinator
Forest Trust, Shirl Harrington
Forests Forever, Mark A. Fletcher Ph.D., President
Friends of Georgia, Inc., Larry Winslet
Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Tom Myers, Director
Friends of Sandwich Notch, Robert Crowley
Friends of the Bitterroot, James R. Olsen, President
Friends of the Clearwater, Steve Paulson
Friends of the Earth, Gawain Kripke, Director of Economic Campaigns
Friends of the Inyo, Sally Miller
Friends of the Nescopeck, Alan Gregory, Vice President
Friends of the Rocky Mountain Front, Gene & Linda Sentz
Friends of the West, Kathy Richmond
Friends of Wetlands, Kate Pilacki
Fyke Nature Society, Hugh Carola, Director
Georgia Forest Watch, Brent Martin
Great Lakes United, Margaret Wooster, Executive Director
GREEN, Roger Featherstone
Green Action Resource Defense, Murray Dailey
Green America, John Oliver
Green Highlands Project, Andrew George
Green Mountain Forest Watch, Jim Northup, Executive Director
Green Mountain Herbs, Laura Batcha
Green Onion Resource Center, Charly Ray, Director
Green Party of Stanislaus, Don Mcmillian, Green Party County Committee
Greenpeace, George Marshall
Gulf of Maine Bioregional Congress, Gary Lawless
Gulf of Maine Bookstore, Beth Leonard
Habitat for Wildlife, David Mattek, Director
Headwaters, Tom Dimitre
Headwaters Environmental Center, Robert Brothers
Healthy Crones Healthy Earthy, Lee Sonne, President
Hells Canyon Preservation Council, Brenda Schweitzer, Development Director
High Country Citizens' Alliance, Sandy Shea, Public Lands Coordinator
High Uintas Preservation Council, Dick Carter, Director
Hoosier Environmental Council, Tim Maloney
Idaho Conservation League, John McCarthy, Conservation Director
Idaho Rivers United, Elizabeth Paul, Conservation Director
Illinois PIRG, Diane Brown, Director
IMAGO, Jim Schenk
Indaiana PIRG, Zachary Corrigan, Campaign Director
Indiana University Aikido Club, Shawn Waggener, President
International Dark Sky Association, David Crawford, Director
International Dark Sky Association, David Osper, Iowa Spokesperson
Iowa Association of Naturalists, Todd Van Ehwegen, President
Iowa Environmental Council, Linda Applegate, Executive Director
Iowa Prarie Network, Glen Polock, Board
John Muir Project of Earth Island Institute, Rene Voss, Legislative Director
Kalamazoo Valley Group Sierra Club, Paul C. Haas II
Kettle Range Conservation Group, Timothy J. Coleman, Executive Director
Lake Superior Greens, Jan Conley
Land Air Water, Joe Serres
Lassen Forest Preservation Group, Stephen Sayre
Local Environmental Action Force, Tom Hale
Logan Canyon Coalition of Logan, Tim Wagner
Long Beach Group, Sierra Club, Bea Morrow, Chair
Long Island Chapter of the Sierra Club, Ellen Richardson, Conservation Chair
Loxahatchee Group of the Sierra Club, Lisa Hanley, Public Lands Issue Chair
Madrone Audubon Chapter, Joanne Dranginis
Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club, Matt Scease, Conservation Organizer
Maryland PIRG, Dan Pontious, Director
Massachusetts PIRG, Janet Domenitz, Director
Methow Forest Watch, Susan Crampton, Board Member
Methow Valley Citizens Council, Teresa Allen, Office Manager
Michiana Watershed, Inc., Donald E. Sporleder, FAIA President
Michigan Environmental Coalition, Dave Dempsey
Minnesota Free Burma Coalition, Drew Hempel, President
Minnesota Wolf Alliance, Jean Brave Heart
Missoula Ecology Center, Timothy Bechtold, Program Director
Missouri Coalition for the Environment, R. Roger Pryor
Missouri PIRG, Dave Rosenfeld, Field Organizer
Montana PIRG, Chris Newbold, Director
Montana Wilderness Association, Bob Decker, Executive Director
Montco AWARE, Grace Muscarella
Mountain Heritage Alliance, Tom Davenport, Director
Mountaineer Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Donald Garvin, President
National Audubon Society, Mike Leahy, Forest Campaign Coordinator
National Audubon Society, Ken Rait
National Audubon Society - Arctic Chapter, Sherry Lewis
National Audubon Society - Atlanta Chapter, Jim Wilson
National Audubon Society - Bedford, Donald Pachner, President
National Audubon Society - Blackbrook Chapter, Mary Hoffman, Conservation Chair
National Audubon Society - Buffalo, Rock Termini, Conservation Chair
National Audubon Society - Deleware/Oswego Chapter, Andy Mason, Chair
National Audubon Society - Des Moines, Jane Clark, Conservation Chair
National Audubon Society - El Paso, John Sproul, President
National Audubon Society - Evansville Chapter, Sue Vernier, President
National Audubon Society - Fairfax Chapter, Cynthia Pruett, Chair
National Audubon Society - Fresno Chapter, Michael D. McFarland, Conservation Chair
National Audubon Society - Greater Akron, Joyce Pelz
National Audubon Society - Green Mountain Chapter, Bill Howland
National Audubon Society - Iowa Chapter, Paul Zeph, Executive Director
National Audubon Society - Juneau Chapter, Sue Schrader, President
National Audubon Society - Kalmiopsis Chapter, Nathaniel Wander, President & Land-Use Representative
National Audubon Society - Kitsap Chapter, Chris Magill, Conservation Chair
National Audubon Society - Litchfield Hills Chapter, Jane-Kerin Moffat, President
National Audubon Society - Memphis, Scott Banbury, President
National Audubon Society - Menunkatuck, Cindi Kobak
National Audubon Society - Milwaukee Chapter, Mark Feider, Board of Directors
National Audubon Society - Mount Shasta Area, Jack Shaw, President
National Audubon Society - New Mexico, David Henderson, Executive Director
National Audubon Society - Northeast Connecticut, Paula Coughlin
National Audubon Society - Northern Arizona, Lyman B. Brainerd, President
National Audubon Society - Otter Creek, Warren King, Acting Secretary
National Audubon Society - Pennsylvania, Carmen T. Santasania, President
National Audubon Society - Pilchuck Chapter, Dave Ward, Executive Director
National Audubon Society - Preque Isle, Ronald J. Intrieri, President
National Audubon Society - Sangre de Cristo, Bernard R. Foy, President
National Audubon Society - Santa Monica Bay, Charles Bragg
National Audubon Society - Saugatuck Valley, Charles Harris, President
National Audubon Society - Tallgrass Prairie, Lenore Durkee, Secretary/Treasurer, Biology Department
National Audubon Society - Tri-Moraine Chapter, Eric Juterbock Ph.D.
National Audubon Society - Tucson, Kevin Dahl, Executive Director
National Audubon Society - Upper Iowa Chapter, Par Heidenraich, Conservation Chair
National Audubon Society - Vermont, Warren King
National Audubon Society - Washington Crossing Chapter, Barbara Ross
National Audubon Society - Wyncote, Janet Starwood, President
National Audubon Society of Maryland & the District of Columbia, Karen Bernstein, Chair
Native Forest Network, Mick Petrie, Executive Director
Neshaminy Watershed Association, Richard Myers
New Jersey Environmental Federation, David Pringle, Executive Director
New Jersey Environmental Lobby, Marie Curtis, Executive Director
New Jersey PIRG, Curtis Fisher, Director
New Mexico PIRG, Jeanne Bassett, Director
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, Bob Howard, Chairperson
Niagara Chapter Adirondack Mountain Club, Art Klien
North American Water Office, George Crocker, Executive Director
North Shore Environmental Network, Peter Vasillias
Northcoast Environmental Center, Tim McKay, Executive Director
Northern Appalachian Restoration Project, Jamie Sayen, Executive Director
Northern Forest Forum, Andrew Whittaker, Executive Director
Northwest Ecosystem Alliance, Mitch Friedman, Executive Director
Northwest Environmental Advocates, Nina Bell, Esq., Executive Director
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery, Doug Cournett
Ocean Advocates, Boyce Thorne-Miller, Senior Scientist
Ohio Citizen Action, Sandy Buchanan
Ohio Environmental Council, Jack Shaner
Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured, Carolyn S. Kelley
Ohio PIRG, Amy Simpson, State Director
Ohio University Campus Greens, Dan Foor, Chair
Oregon Natural Desert Association, Joy Gilly Lyons, Coordinator Grassroots
Oregon Natural Desert Association, Bill Marlett, Executive Director
Oregon Natural Resources Council, Marc Smiley, Executive Director
Oregon Sierra Club Columbia Group Forest Committee, Joe Blowers
Oregon State PIRG, Kirk Maureen, Director
Oregon Wildlife Federation, Joe Keating, Forest Campaign Coordinator
Ouachita Watch League, Vernon Bates, Chairman
Pacific Rivers Council, David Bayles, Conservation Director
Pajarito Group of the SC, Michael Smith, Chair
Partners for Environmental Quality Inc., Pamela Frank, Chair
Pennsylvania PIRG, David Masur, Executive Director
Piedmont Environmental Council, Chris Miller, Executive Director
Pine Creek Valley Watershed Association, Harlan Snyder
PIRG in Michigan, Brian Imes, Field Organizer
Power For U, Bob Greenberg, Director
Predator Education Fund, Kirk Robinson
Predator Project, Tom Skeele, Executive Director
Prescott National Forest Friends, Jim Powers, Chairman
Preserve Appalachian Wilderness, Sherman Banford, President
Proaxis, Tom Haswell
Progressive Student Coalition, UC Davis, Mattew Huerta
Project Parks, Lisa Anderson
Protect All Children's Environment & The National Coalition for the Chemically Injured, Elizabeth O'Nan
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Robert Perks, National Field Director
Rainforest Relief, Tim Keating, Director
Range Watch, Jane Baxter, Executive Director
RangeBiome, Larry Mittelstadt, Administrator
Raven Consulting, Denise Boggs
Redwings Wild Horse Sanctuary, Deborah Ellsworth
Republicans for Environmental Protection America, Sam Booher
RESTORE: The North Woods, Michael Kellett, Executive Director
Rincon Group Sierra Club, Rich Genser, Chair
RIHOPE, Tom Hale
Rivers Alliance of Connecticut, Sarah Faulkner Leff, Director
Rocky Mt. Program Coordinator, LightHawk Beverly, Compton
Sacred Earth Network, Davis Chapman, Technical Coordinator
Safe Alternatives for our Forest Environment, Bill Welsch, President.
Safer Waters in Massachusetts, Polly Bradley, Director
San Juan Citizens Alliance, Gwen Lachelt, Director
Sandpoint Forest Watch, Liz Sedler
Santa Cruz Rainforest Action Group, Steve Graves, Executive Director
Santa Fe Forest Watch, Greg Pollak
Save Our Canyons, Gale Dick, President
SAVE Rhode Island, Tom Hale
Save the West, James Monteith, President
Sequoia Forest Alliance, Ara Marderosian
Seventh Generation Fund, Chris Peters, Director
Shenandoah Ecosystem Defense Group, Christina Wulf, Director
Sierra Club, G.E. Hite. Ph.D., Professor
Sierra Club - Berks Group, Pennsylvania Chapter, Tamara Peffer, Conservation Chair
Sierra Club - Columbia Group, Tim Hahn
Sierra Club - Delaware, Jim Stevens, Chair
Sierra Club - Georgia Chapter, Sara O'Neal
Sierra Club - Grand Canyon Chapter, Kathy Roediger, Chapter Chair
Sierra Club - Grand Canyon Chapter, Sedona-Verde Valley Group, Craig Dible, Chair
Sierra Club - New Jersey Chapter, Dennis Schvejda, Conservation Chair
Sierra Club - Niagara Group, Blake Reeves, Chapter Chair
Sierra Club - North Carolina Chapter, Dr. Vince Bellis, Chapter Chair
Sierra Club - Palouse Group, Al Poplawsky, Conservation Director
Sierra Club - Pennsylvania Chapter, Sam Hays, Chair Public Lands Committee
Sierra Club - Pennsylvania Chapter, Allegheny Group, Peter Wray, Group Chairperson
Sierra Club - Placer Group, Cathie Tritel, Conservation Chair
Sierra Club - Rocky Mountain Chapter, Kirk Cunningham, Conservation & Water Quality Chair
Sierra Club - Toiyabe Chapter, Majorie Sill
Sierra Club - Uplands Group, Todd Barnell
Sierra Club - Upper Columbia River, Dr. Paul Lindholdt, Executive Committee Chair
Sierra Club - Virginia Chapter, Jim Wright, Chair
Sierra Club - West Virginia Chapter, Jim Sconyers, Chair
Sierra Club of Iowa, Jane Clark, Chair
Sierra Club of New Hampshire, David Ellenberger, Conservation Organizer
Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter, El Paso Regional Group, Ted Mertig, Executive Committee
Sierra Club Uncompahgre Group, Vicki S. Mercer, Chair
Sierra Club, Rincon Group, Rich Genser, Chair
Sierra Nevada Alliance, Cristi Bozora
Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign, Scott Hoffman Black
Sierra Student Coalition, Rita Turner, Director
Simon's Rock Enviro Club, Adam Miller
Sinapu, Rob Edward, Program Director
Siskiyou Regional Education Project, Kelpie Wilson, Executive Director
Sisters Forest Planning Committee, Karen Thompson, Vice President
Sitka Conservation Society, Brian McNitt, Executive Director
Sky Island Alliance, Susie Brandes
Sky Island Watch, Jim Leonard
Smith River Alliance, Larry Moss, Executive Director
Soda Mtn Wilderness Council, Susan Hunt
Sonoran Biodiversity Project, Shane Jimerfield, Director
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Charlie Barans, Marine Resources Division
South Carolina Forest Watch, Butch Clay
South Yuba River Citizens League, Shawn Garvey, Executive Director
Southeast Forest Project, Doug Sloan
Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project, Andrew George
Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition, Tom Hatley, Director
Southern Environmental Law Center, David Carr, Director
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Heidi McIntosh, Staff Attorney
Southwest Center for Biological Diversity , Kieren Suckling, Executive Director
Southwest Environmental Center, Kevin Bixby, Executive Director
Southwest Forest Alliance, Martos Hoffman, Executive Director
Southwings, Hume Davenport
Spanish Tourist Services, Inc., Elena Campa
Student Action Network at University of Oklahoma, Gretchen Gordon, President
Student Environemntal Action Coalition, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Bill Gump, Chair
Student Environmental Action Coalition - New Hampshire, John Barrows
Student Environmental Action Coalition - Idaho, Donna Anderson, Chair Outreach Committee
Student Environmental Action Coalition - Indiana University Chapter, Amanda Hennessy, Co-Director
Student Environmental Action Coalition - Southwest, Cody Hill
Student Environmental Action Coalition of Syracuse, Evan Cestari
Student Environmental Action Coalition, University of North Carolina, Anne Newell
Student Organization for Animal Rights, University of St. Thomas, Shiloh Fetzer, President
Students for Environmental and Social Justice at South Kingstown, Tom Hale
Students for Environmental Awareness - Rutgers University, Eric Zwerling
Students for Environmental Awareness, University of Georgia, Tara Harned
Superior Wilderness Action Network, Ray Fenner, Executive Director
Swan Conservation Trust, Cynthia Rohrbach
T & E, Inc, Tom Wootten, Secretary
Take Action, Nicole Cosmann, Chair
Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning, Marcy Reed
Tennessee Environmental Council, Alan Jones, Executive Director
Tennessee Forest Defense Council, Eric Lewis
Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association, Brenda J. Hart, President
Texas Committee on Natural Resources (TCONR), Edward C. Fritz, Forest Task Force Chair
The Deleware Nature Society, Michael Riska, President
The Ecology Club, University of North Carolina, Vanessa Harper
The Endangered Species Coalition, Brock Evans,, Executive Director
The Environmental Protection Information Center, Paul Mason, President
The Environmental Schools, Duane Bond, Executive Director
The Foundation for Global Sustainability, Samantha Pearson
The Green Corps, Kyle M. Hall, Director
The Larch Company, Andy Kerr, President
The Ornithological Council, David E. Blockstein, Chair
The Ruckus Society, John Sellers, Director
The Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project, Schuyler Greenleaf
The Wildlands Project, Steve Gatewood, Executive Director
The WindDancer Foundation, Robin Redd
Tinicum Creek Watershed Association, Bruce Wallace
Trees the Planet, Lowell Dodge, Executive Director
Tucson Traders, Dwight Metzger
Tuolumne River Preservation Trust, Charles S. Little, Forest Tuolumne Conservator, Conservation Director
Umpqua Watersheds, Inc., Jim Ince
University of Iowa Environmental Coalition, Seth Nieman, President
Upper Chattahoochee River Keeper, Katherine Baer
Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, Stephen MacDonald, Coordinator
Utah Environmental Congress, Craig Axford
Utah Valley Group, Sam Rushforth, Ph.D., Conservation Chair
Virginia Forest Watch, Dave Mulhy, Director
Virginians For Wilderness, Ernie Reed, President
Washington Native Plant Society, Mark Egger, Conservation Chairman
Washington PIRG, Parker Blackman, Director
Washington Wilderness Coalition, J. Leary
West Virginia Citizen Action, Norm Steenstra, President
West Virginia Environmental Council, Denise Poole, Executive Director
West Virginia Highlands Conservanc, Frank Young, President
West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, Bill Ragette, Co-Chair, Public Lands Committee
Western Gamebird Alliance, Daniel Patterson, Conservation Ecologist
Western Michigan Environmental Action Coalition, Tom Leonard, E.D.
Western North Carolina Alliance, Brownie Newman, Executive Coordinator
Wetlands New York, Adam Weissman, Coordinator
WHALE444, Chuck & Bev Mittelstadt
Whidbey Environmental Action Network, Steve Erickson, Litigation Coordinator
White Mountain Conservation League, Liz Wise
Whole Earth Quarterly, Peter Warshall, Editor
Wild Alabama Inc., Lamar Marshall, President
Wild Earth, Tom Butler
Wild Hope, Dave Willis
Wild Utah Forest Campaign, Susan D. Ash, Issues Coordinator
Wilderness Center of Virginia, Ed Clark, President
Wilderness Watch, George Nickas, Executive Director
Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads, Bethanie Walder, Director
Wildlife Damage Review, Nancy Zierenberg
Wildlife Haven, Jane Schnelker, Executive Director
Wisconsin Green Party, Susan B. Young
Wisconsin PIRG, Kerry Schumann, Organizing Director
Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Noel Cutright, Conservation Chair
Wise Use Movement, David E. Ortman, Executive Director
World Rivers Review International Rivers Network, Lori Pottinger, Director, Southern Africa Program
Wyoming Outdoor Council, Mac Blewer
Yakama Indian Nation, Eric Hanson, Associate Director for Wildlife
Yavapai Earth Net, Samara Berry, Membership Coordinator


Dr. Fred Adler, Biology professor, University of Utah
Fred Allendorf, Professor of Biology Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana
David R. Anderson, Professor - Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University
Dave Anderson, Department of Biology, Wake Forest University
Ed Arnold, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Atlanta Chapter
Michael Bachmann, M.D., D.Sc., Stanford University School of Medicine
Robert C. Beason, Professor - Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology, State University of New York
Paul Beier, Associate Professor Wildlife Ecology, School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University
A. Joy Belsky, Staff Ecologist, Oregon Natural Desert Association
Joy Belsky Ph.D, Ecologist
Arthur C. Benke, Professor of Biological Sciences and Aquatic Biology, The University of Alabama
Craig W. Benkman, Assistant Professor, Ecologist, New Mexico State University
Bradley J. Bergstrom, Professor - Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology, Valdosta State University
Ralph E.J. Boerner, Professor & Chair - Department of Plant Biology, Ohio State University
P. Dee Boersma, Professor of Zoology, University of Washington
Julia K. Parrish Boersma, Research Assistant Professor Department of Zoology, University of Washington
James L. Boone, Jr., Animal Ecologist
Dr. Steven Bouma-Predgier, Hope College
Richard A. Bradley, Associate Professor - Department of Zoology, The Ohio State University
Dr. Dennis Bramble, Biology Professor, University of Utah
David M. Braun, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington
Richard Brewer, Professor Emeritus - Department of Biological Sciences, Western Michigan University
Len Broberg, Professor - Environmental Studies Program, University of Montana
Bob Brundige Ph.D., Retired Professor of Bio-Physics
Peter F. Brussard, Professor and Chair of Department of Biology, University of Nevada
Dr. Deborah Buitron, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Zoology Department, North Dakota State University
Ann B. Burgess, Director Biology Core Curriculum, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Paul R. Cabe, Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies, St. Olaf College
William A. Calder, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
John R. Cannon, Ph.D., Director, Conservation Science Institute
C. Ronald Carroll, Director - Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia
Robert C. Cashner, Dean of Graduate School, University of New Orleans
Dr. Diane M. Cebinski, Assistant Professor IA, Deptarment of Animal Ecology Iowa, State University
Joseph J. Cech, Jr., Professor of Fisheries Biology, University of California, Davis
Michelle Cejer, College of Charleston
Ellen W. Chu, Ecologist & Editor - Department of Environmental Health, University of Washington
Joseph A. Cook, Curator of Mammals, University of Alaska Museum
Kendall W. Corbin, Professor - Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, University of Minnesota
Walter R. Courtenay, Jr., Professor of Zoology & Assistant Chair - Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University
James E. Deacon, Distinguished Professor and Chair Department of Environmental Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dr. Diane M. Debinski, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Ecology, Iowa State University
P. J. DeVries, Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolution Department of Biology, University of Oregon
Gerry Dinkins, Senior Ecologist, 3D/International, Inc.
Andy Dobson, Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
Robert C. Dowler, Professor, Department of Biology & Curator of Mammals, Angelo State University
Christopher P. Dunn, Director of Research, The Morton Arboretum
James C. Estes, Adjunct Professor of Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz
David A. Etnier, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee
Larry Evans, Western Montana Mycological Assn
David H. Firmage, Piper Professor of Environmental Studies, Department of Biology, Colby College
Melissa A. Fleming, Research Associate, University of Alaska Museum & the Institute of Arctic Biology
Chris Frissell, Research Assistant Professor, The University of Montana
Christine Gertschen, Director, Sawtooth Science Institute
Whit Gibbons, Professor of Ecology, Savannah River Site Ecology Lab, University of Georgia
Barrie K. Gilbert, Senior Scientist, Utah State University
Michael Gilpin, Professor of Conservation Biology, University of California, San Diego
Ross Goldingay, Lecturer in Wildlife Biology, School of Resource Science and Management, Southern Cross University
Nancy Gore, Hunger Professor of Environmental Studies, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee
Jeffrey K. Greenberg, Professor and Chair, Wheaton College
James W. Grier, Professor of Zoology, North Dakota State University
Nancy B. Grimm, Associate Professor Co-Director Department of Biology, Arizona State University
Edward Grumbine, Director, Sierra Institute, University of California, Santa Cruz
David J. Hafner, Chairman Science Division, New Mexico, Museum of Natural History
James Halfpenny, Carnivore & Ecosystem Ecologist
Steve Hamburg, Center for Environmental Studies, Brown University
P. A. Harcombe, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice University
Craig Hassapakis, Editor and publisher, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation journal
Mary Ann Hawke, Research Scientist, School of Fisheries, University of Washington
Gene Helfman, Associate Professor, Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia
Kent E. Holsinger, Associate Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut
Thomas S. Hopkins, Curator, Marine Invertebrates Professor - Biodiversity & Systematics Group, The University of Alabama
Robert M. Hughes, Regional Aquatic Ecologist, Dynamac Corporation
Tim Hunkapiller, Assistant Professor, Molecular Biotechnology, University of Washington
Jim Ince, Umpqua Watersheds, Inc.
Timothy Ingalsbee, Ph.D., Cascadia Fire Ecology Education Project, Western Fire Ecology Center
David Inouye, Director, Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology Graduate Program, University of Maryland
William K. Jaeger, Associate Professor, Economics Department, Williams College
Robert L. Jeanne, Professor of Entomology, University of Wisconsin
David Johns, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, Portland State University
Brett M. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Fishery & Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University
James R. Karr, Professor of Fisheries and Zoology, University of Washington
Diana Kimberling, Ph.D., Research Scientist, University of Washington
Daniel Klem, Jr., Professor of Biology, Muhlenberg College
Rick Knight, Professor of Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University
Walter D. Koenig, Research Zoologist, University of California, Berkeley
Alan J. Kohn, President, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Winston C. Lancaster, Research Fellow, University of Gothenburg
Richard D. Laven, Professor, Forest Sciences, Colorado State University
Frosty Levy, Biological Sciences, East Tennessee State University
David Lighthall, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Colgate University
Ken Lindeman, Division of Marine Biology and Fisheries - Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami
Curt Lively, Professor of Biology, Indiana University
Carol Loeffler, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Dickinson College
Joseph Longacher M.D., Physicians for Social Responsibility
Lynn A. Maguire, Associative Professor, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
Richard L. Mayden, Associate Professor Curator of Ichthyology, The University of Alabama
Joe W. McCaleb, Attorney
Leroy R. McClenaghan, Jr., Professor, San Diego State University
David L. McNeely, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Texas at Brownsville
Robert J. Meese, Research Associate III, Biodiversity Group Information Center for the Environment, Division of Environmental Studies, University of California, Davis
Gary K. Meffe, Editor, Conservation Biology Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, University of Florida
Douglas Meffert, Assistant Director, Environmental Policy, Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research
Dr. Curt Meine, Coordinator, IUCN Action Plan for Cranes, International Crane Foundation
DeForest Mellon, Jr., Professor of Biology, University of Virginia
Troy Merrill, Research Consultant, LTB ON Consulting
W. L. Minckley, Professor of Zoology, Department of Biology, Arizona State University
Joseph C. Mitchell, Adjunct Professor and Research Biologist, Department of Biology, University of Richmond
David R. Montgomery, Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Washington
Peter Morrison, Project Director, Methow Research Station, Sierra Biodiversity Institute
Peter B. Moyle, Professor, Fisheries Dept of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, University of California - Davis
Henry R. Mushinsky, President of the Society for the Study of Amphibians & Reptiles and Chair of the Conservation Committee of the Herpetologist's League, Department of Biology Center for Urban Ecology, University of South Florida
John A. Musick, Co-chair IUCN Shark Specialist Group Head Vertebrate Ecology & Systematics Programs, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary
Bob Musil, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility
Joan E. Nichols, Instructor, Medical Branch at Galveston, University of Texas
Donald Norman, Norman Wildlife Consulting and LSU Museum of Natural Science
Elliott Norse, President of the Marine Conservation, Biology Institute
Reed F. Noss, Ph.D., President of the Conservation, Conservation Biology Institute
John Novak, Department of Biology, Colgate University
Dr. Gary Nuechterlein, Associate Professor, Zoology Department, North Dakota State University
Mary O'Brien, Board of Directors and Staff Scientist, Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads
Dr. Robert Ohmart, Center for Environmental Studies, Arizona State University
David Olson, Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science Program World Wildlife Fund
Scott Orcutt, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair Department of Biology, University of Akron
Gordon Orions, Professor Emeritus of Zoology, University of Washington
Steve Hamburg Ostergren, Ittleson Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Associate Professor of Biology, Brown University
David Ostergren, Recreation and Parks Management, Division of Forestry, West Virginia University
Richard S. Ostfeld, Associate Scientist, Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Marcy Ostrom, Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Margaret Ottum, Professor of Environmental Science, Johnson State College
Donald H. Owings, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of California
Dianna K. Padilla, Associate Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Lawrence M. Page, INHS Principal Scientist, Illinois Natural History Survey
Paul C. Paquet, Conservation Biology Institute and Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design
Arthur Dean Partridge, President, TREAZ, Trees From A to Z, Inc.
Kristen Patton MD, Harvard Medical School
Dennis Paulson, Director, Slater Museum of Natural History, University of Puget Sound
Merlyn Paulson, Prof., Department of Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University
John E. Peck, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison
Irene M. Pepperberg, Associative Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
Dr. Herbert Perr, President, Physicians for Social Responsibility Nassau County
Wendy Perron, Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility/New York City
Edwin P. Pister, Executive Secretary, Desert Fishes Council
Mary E. Power, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
James Pritchard Ph.D., Environmental historian
Michael S. Putnam, President, Aldo Leopold Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin
Robert Michael Pyle, Guggenheim Fellow
Katherine Ralls, Research Zoologist, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution
Brian Rasnow, Research Scientist Amgen Inc., Research Automation Technologies
Harry W. Read, Water Resources Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ann F. Rhoads Ph.D., Director, Philadelphia Botanical Club
Gerald R. Rising, SNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, University at Buffalo
George Robinson, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, State University of New York at Albany
Eric Roden, Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Alabama
Steven H. Rogstad, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati
William H. Romme, Biology Department, Fort Lewis College
Stephen T. Ross, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi
Matthew Rowe, Professor, Department of Biology, Appalachian State University
Mike Schade, President, University of Buffalo Environmental Network
Kristina A. Schierenbeck, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, California State University, Fresno
Fraser Schilling, Conservation Chair, Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology (110-year old organization of 2,200 professional scientists)
David Schimel, Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Colorado State University
Jill S. Schneiderman, Associate Professor of Geology, Associate Chair, Vassar College
Gary D. Schnell, Director, Oklahoma Biological Survey & Professor of Zoology, University of Oklahoma
George R. Sedberry, Associate Marine Scientist, Marine Resources Research Institute, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Andy Shedlock, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley
Steven R. Sheffield, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Toxicology, The Clemson Institute of Environmental Toxicology, Clemson University
Fraser Shilling, Ph.D., Program Coordinator, Sierra Nevada Network for Education and Research, Centers for Water and Wildland Resources
Daniel Simberloff, Professor, University of Tennessee
Andrew T. Smith, Department of Biology, Arizona State University
Michael Smith, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Gerald R. Smith, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan
Michael G. Smith, PhD
Michael Soule, Research Professor, University of California
Roy A. Stein, Aquatic Ecology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, The Ohio State University
Dr. Robert D. Stevenson, Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts
Glenn R. Stewart, Professor of Zoology, California State Polytechnic University
Margaret M. Stewart, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, State University of New York
Craig A. Stockwell, Assistant Professor, Zoology Department, North Dakota State University
Philip K. Stoddard, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University
Camm C. Swift, President, American Fisheries Society - California-Nevada Chapter
Stanley A. Temple, Beers-Bascom Professor in Conservation, Department of Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin
John Terborgh, James B. Duke Professor and Co-Director, Duke University Center for Tropical Conservation
Harry M. Tiebout, III, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, West Chester University
Howard F. Towner, Professor of Biology, Loyola Marymount University
Pepper Trail, Adjunct Professor, Biology Department, Southern Oregon University
Stephen C. Trombulak, Professor, Biology and Environmental Studies, Middlebury College
Gordon R. Ultsch, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Alabama
Dirk H. Van Vuren, Associate Professor, University of California, Davis
Dr. Neil Vickers , Biology professor, University of Utah
Robert C. Vrijenhoek, Director, Center for Theoretical and Applied Genetics, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey
David B. Wake, Director, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Professor of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
David O. Wallin, Assistant Professor, Center for Environmental Science Huxley College of Environmental Studies, Western Washington University
Judith S. Weis, Department of Biological Sciences, Rutgers University
Mark Westendorff, Wildlife Biologist, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Robert G. Wetzel, Bishop Professor of Biological Sciences, The University of Alabama
D. Byron White, Marine Biologist Marine Resources Research Institute, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
David S. Wilcove, Senior Ecologist, Environmental Defense Fund
Bradley A. Wiley, Manager and Research Assistant, Natural History Museum, Department of Ichthyology, Kansas Universtiy
William Willers, Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh
W. Herbert Wilson Ph. D., Associate Professor of Biology, Colby College
G. M. Woodwell, Director, The Woods Hole Research Center
Ruth D. Yanai, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Forestry, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Bob Zink, Professor and Breckenridge Chair in Ornithology, University of Minnesota


Archwood United Church of Christ, Rev. David Bahr
Baptist Convention, Dr. Jere Allen, Minister
Christian Environmental Council, Anne Alexander, Chair
Christian Society of the Green Cross, Fred Krueger, Director
Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life - Albuquerque Chapter, Rebecca Wood, Chair
Denison Ave. United Church of Christ, Rev. Ric. J Wilberg
Eagle Lodge, Gabby Reyes
Emmaus Community, Tom Leonhardt
Ens and Outs, Unitarian Universalist Church, Roger Johnson
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bishop Richard Bansemer
Federation of Christian Ministers, Carolyn Horvath
First Presbyterian Church of Perrysburg, Rev. Steve Hill, Pastor
Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Theodore Eisenberg, Director
Jewish League of Environmental Awareness, Jeff Auerbach, Ph.D, Director
Jim Stephens Environmental Ministries, James N. Stephens
Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Ministry, Linda C. Modica
Liberation United Church of Christ, Linda Krasienko
Lutheran Campus Ministry, University of Minnesota, Bruce Krogstad, Executive Director
Michigan Ecumenical Consultation on Christianity & Ecology, Rev. Steven L. Johns-Boehme
National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Brother David Andrews, Executive Director
North Georgia Unitarian Universalist Seventh Principle Project, Ed Arnold
Northwest Jewish Environmental Project, Larry Nicholas, Executive Director
Park Church UCC, Rev. Gary Wm. Bell Phd
Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Rev. Laurie Hill
Questministry, Guy Templeton Black
Southern California Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life, Saran Kirschbaum, Chair
St. John United Church of Christ, Rev. Chester Chaney
The Center for Social Justice and Global Awareness, James Facette
UCSUSA, Rev. Jim Ball, Ph.D.
Union of American Hebrew Congregations - body of Reformed Jewish Congregations, Park Pelavin, Associate Director
United Church of Christ of Springfield, Rev. Gabor G. Nitsch
United Church of Christ Whale Center, Dave Randall

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