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Logging's Legacy of Fire

Debunking the Myths About the National Forest Roadless Policy

Logging Without Roads
A prohibtion on road-construction only will not protect roadless areas from logging.

Background and Review of the Forest Service's Proposed Roadless Policy
Information about the roadless policy, including a summary of the Forest Service's proposed plan; facts about fire, forest health, and logging without roads; and a list of National Forests and roadless acrage by State.

A 5-point Strategy for Protecting America's National Forests Roadless Areas.

Map of National Forest Roadless Areas
Wilderness Society Map of Inventoried Roadless Areas

Loopholes and Exemptions: Losing our Heritage Forests
This report, released by the Heritage Forests Campaign, presents examples of the continuation by the U.S. Forest Service of environmentally and fiscally unsound logging practices in roadless areas.
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