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Basic Information about Heritage Forests
This is a 1-page overview of the issues at stake.

Map of National Forest Roadless Areas
Wilderness Society map illustrating the National Forests that are included and excluded under the Forest Service interim moratorium

5 Point Strategy
A 5-point Strategy for Protecting America's National Forests Roadless Areas.

Questions and Answers
Questions and answers about the October 1999 Clinton Announcement

Hinchy-Horn Congressional Sign-On Letter
A letter from over 100 US Representatives to President Clinton, asking him to take bold action in permanently protecting our National Forests.

National Poll Results
A new poll released July 27, 1999, reveals that Americans from all regions of the country express overwhelming support for protecting the remaining undeveloped "roadless" areas in U.S. national forests.

Recreation and Heritage Forests
President Clinton's roadless policy is good for recreation.  Here's why.

reports and white papers

Heritage Forests Campaign White Paper
This 8-page document provides more detail about Roadless Areas in the National Forests and the issues at stake.

Loopholes and Exemptions: Losing our Heritage Forests
This report, released by the Heritage Forests Campaign, presents examples of the continuation by the U.S. Forest Service of environmentally and fiscally unsound logging practices in roadless areas.

Compendium of Scientific Papers
This document, written by Mary Scurlock of the Pacific Rivers Council , demonstrates the overwhelming consensus among natural resource agencies and within the scientific community that roadless areas are of extremely high ecological value.

Brief on "Forest Health" Arguments for Logging Roadless Areas
A Campaign paper refuting the invalid argument that logging is good for forest health.

America's Forest Heritage at Risk
This Wilderness Society report documents 24 Heritage Forests that are slated for logging.

links to white house documents

President Clinton's Remarks
October 13 Remarks by the President at "Roadless" Lands Event.

Memorandum for the Secretary of Agriculture
October 13 Memorandum on the subject of Protection of Forest "Roadless" Areas.

October 13 Fact Sheet on Preserving our Forests
President Clinton and Vice President Gore: Preserving our Forests for Future Generations.

Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement
The United States Forest Service is initiating a public rulemaking process to propose the protection of remaining roadless areas within the National Forest System. URL for link to document:

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