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The Heritage Forests Campaign, an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts, is an alliance of conservationists, educators, scientists, clergy and ordinary Americans who are working together to ensure our unprotected scenic wilderness forests are permanently protected.

Our goal is to generate a broad public education campaign and empower citizens to convey to decision makers their interest in protecting America's Heritage Forests.

Heritage Forests Campaign Logo
Heritage Forests Campaign 1901 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20006
(202)861-2242 (phone)
(202)861-4290 (fax)

Ken Rait, Campaign Director
phone: (503) 283-6343 ext. 210
email: [email protected]

Dana DuBose, Deputy Director
phone: (202) 861-2242
email: [email protected]

Mat Jacobson, National Field Director
Phone: (202) 861-2242
email: [email protected]

Laurie Cooper, Outreach Director
Phone: (202) 861-2242
email: [email protected]

Wendy Green, Webmaster
Phone: (202) 454-5662
email: [email protected]

Amy Luckey, Internet Outreach Director
Phone: (415) 637-5894,
email: [email protected]

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