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Browse our photo gallery, or submit your own! Your photos will help us show the public the importance of preserving America's natural heritage. We won't use your photos outside of the site without further permission.

To submit a photo, simply email your photo as an attachment to [email protected]. Photos must be taken in U.S. National Forests. Thanks for your help!

To see a larger view of any of the photos below, simply click on the photo.

copyright Sandy Lonsdale/ The Wilderness Society

Sequoia Trees

copyright Bob Pearson/ The Wilderness Society

Freshly burned clearcut in Gifford Pinchot National Forest

copyright H. Buffett


copyright The Wilderness Society

Logging machinery

copyright H. Buffett

Black bear in tree

copyright The Wilderness Society/ Barry Flamm

Aerial view of clearcuts in the Willamette National Forests

The Wilderness Society

Moose drinking from a stream

The Wilderness Society

Logging machinery working on a hillside
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